Manifesting: Grabbing Life By Its Awesomeness

Coti Zavala
3 min readDec 2, 2020
Photo by Leodgario Pescador on Unsplash

If you are some sort of an optimist like me, you like to believe that things will turn out right or that life will be full of golden tickets. Some would then think “but life doesn’t really work out that way…” FALSE!

Most of the time, this positive mentality can lead you to a life full of expected moments of awesomeness.

Why expected moments of awesomeness? Because you are vibrating a positive energy that is open for those positive moments to come to you.

It is easy to dream of a better life and ponder on the what if’s, but thinking and planning the way to that dream is where most people get stuck.

It is easy to be a dreamer, but a proactive achiever is a whole new level of master in dream-catching. We might know what we want and when we want it, but not how to get there. The secret is in allowing yourself NOT to know how-to! Not knowing the path to your dream is what makes that outcome so damn exciting!

If you knew how to get there you wouldn’t be doing this thing called life now wouldn’t you?

Dreaming is easy, acting is harder. The middle ground that allows us to act is manifesting. What do I mean by this? When you dream of becoming the CEO of your own company in a few years, how does that version of yourself behave? Where do you gain your energy from after work? Where do you live? What impact is your company making?

Think of the future as if it was your present, become that pro that you want to be by immersing yourself in that mentality of your future you. Ask yourself the questions that your future you would ask on a daily-basis.

In this way of living, you already acknowledge your future, you know it will happen, the how-to is not important.

By manifesting your future and acting like your future you, you are able to be surprised by the awesomeness of your life and yet be proud of bringing on to yourself expected happiness and success.

You have to act in a way where you believe in your future, you believe in yourself, in your abilities, and in the way the world brings opportunities your way. This is why outcomes are just a mere coincidence of manifesting your way to the dream.

If you do like to believe that things will turn out right, like me, you might know a thing or two about manifesting. But if you don’t quite believe that life has a whole lot of awesomeness in store for you, allow yourself some credit to be proud of your accomplishments!

Believe that you are in control, know that you can bring more of those accomplishments and become that person that you dream of.

I invite you to take a step in the direction of that life you dream of, take the step and the path will pave itself!




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