Don’t Be Afraid, Just Do It!

Coti Zavala
3 min readOct 14, 2020
Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

Have you ever shied away from doing or saying something that could absolutely change your life?

Sometimes life’s greatest turns lie at the hands of a single decision or action. It is important to be able to notice those moments and know when it is worth it to take that risk and create that change in your life. It might be very hard to notice when something that seems or feels stupid is actually the best thing to do.

Those moments that are born from doubt, might be the best push you need towards the direction you want.

Whenever I doubted on taking an adventurous decision, whether it be talking to someone or riding a coaster at the amusement park, my mom used to tell me: “in between doing it and not doing it, do it, at least then you’ll learn its worth”.

This mentality set forward by my mom has allowed me to be very spontaneous and courageous and put me in situations where fear to fail is not all that scary. As a matter of fact, failing seems a natural part of life that brightens me with how things are not always right and how there is always something to improve. Because of that, this mentality has allowed me to meet very cool people around the world, as well as my best friends. It is an attitude and way of life that allows one to feel liberated and to feel in charge of one’s life and one’s decisions.

So how can this mentality of “just do it ‘’ be used in your life without totally screwing up a scary situation?

Well, what I would say is that sometimes not knowing can be the worst feeling one can possibly have, so when in doubt of taking a risk or not, think about the not knowing what the possible outcome could be... All the things you miss out on, every single path you could take with this impact…

That is how you can use it: self-pressure. Pressure yourself into seeing the reasons to do it and knowing that there is no other option than to just do it. (might be quoting Nike here, but they do make a good point) Not doing it it as worthless as even thinking about whether to do it or not!

A good situation in which a life-changing attitude comes in handy is when trying to practice a foreign language that we know. Whether in class, with a tutor, or with a native, it can be intimidating to just attempt to speak another language, even when you know you are good at it. Exposing oneself to an uncomfortable situation is not something that one would do voluntarily so talking in a foreign language as a non-expert might not be the best scenario right?

The truth is that the change lies in that exact situation of uncomfort, in saying yes to it and saying yes to fear; There is where you will most learn the language and turn an uncomfortable situation into a comfortable one.

Next time you doubt yourself in being bold, in taking a risk, or in going on an adventure think to yourself “if I don’t do it, I’ll never know what could have been” so instead of staying with that uncertainty, do it and be enlightened!

The greatest changes and impacts in your life are up to you deciding to act towards those changes and taking the risks that prevent you from your goal.

Wait no more, fear no more, do it and change your life, one doubtful (but great) decision at a time!



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